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Proverbs 2:9-11

 Then you will understand what is right and just and fair—every good path. For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul. Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you.  (Proverbs 2:9-11 NIV)

Sometimes it is hard to determine which way is best… or the right way. There are nuances and decisions that should take into consideration some things we are not aware of. One time I was having dinner at my granny’s house with my cousins. Granny had most of the food on the table when we came in the door from the garden… fried chicken, fried okra and squash, homemade biscuits, field peas with snaps… it was a slice of heaven for hungry boys.

As we were being seated granny came in carrying a small bowl and said, “I only have a little bit of rice. Who wants it?” I immediately, even hastily took her up on the offer and she emptied the bowl of rice onto my plate. I was very proud of my achievement of scoring the only serving of rice at our lunch! I knew the others were envious that I got the last serving of rice to go with my meal. But then something happened that ruined my day. Granny went back into the kitchen and returned with a huge bowl of homemade mashed potatoes. She announced that she only had enough for three, and there were four of us. I had traded delicious, buttery, creamy, homemade mashed potatoes… for a serving of leftover rice. Had I known that there was a choice, I would have chosen potatoes!! There was nothing wrong with rice, but it paled in comparison to mashed potatoes. I should have been more patient and less selfish. In my rush to get what I thought I wanted, I missed out on what I really wanted.

This plays out in life over and over. More importantly, sometimes the consequences are much more harmful, even devastating—to ourselves and others. In making decisions, seek God’s wisdom. God will show you the good path—the right, just and fair way to go in your decisions. He will guide you from your heart and the discretion He will reveal will protect you. The understanding He will give you when you ask will guard you against harm to yourself, to the ones you love, and others.

Love you!