Compassion International is a ministry that advocates for children and is committed to Jesus Christ in all that they do. Jesus is the core of their ministry and His life and teachings shape their programs, reflect the spiritual commitments of their staff, and guide how they love people, respect communities, and cooperate with nations. Compassion International is Christ-centered, church-driven, and child-focused. This makes them distinct from other child sponsorship organizations. They are the worlds leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorships. Cross Chapel Ministries, Inc. is excited to see the difference the love of Christ is making in the lives of these children. The pool of children we help will grow as funds are available. 

Cross Chapel Ministries, Inc. is thankful that together, our members can participate is a ministry they might not be able to otherwise. Every contributor to CCM is also a contributor to these children. The funds are important, but the most important thing we can do is pray for these children and the people administering this mission. Please commit to praying for these children specifically. Click on the COMPASSION SPONSORSHIPS link to the left for more information on the children.

More information about Compassion International can be found here: COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL